The Ssese Island came into existence about 12000 years ago when a tectonic shift caused an elevated basin situated between two main arms of the great rift valley to flood, forming Lake Victoria as we know it today. Little is known about the earliest inhabitants of Ssese, but some oral traditions associated with the creation of Buganda claim that its founder Kintu hailed from the islands of the Gods. In pre-colonial times it was customary for the kings of Buganda to visit the Islands and pay tribute to the several balubaale whose main shrines to Mukasa, spirit of the lake, on Bubembe. Some Buganda historical sources romanticize this relationship, claiming that in pre-colonial times Ssese due to its exalted status was never attacked by Buganda, nor was it formally incorporated into the mainland kingdom. In reality, while Ssese probably did enjoy a degree of autonomy, it was clearly a vassal of Buganda for at least a century prior to the colonial era. Further more while the Baganda revered the Islands’ spirits, Stanley recorded that they looked down on their human inhabitants for their “coal-black colour, timidity, superstition, and generally uncleanly life”


Mountain Biking – ATV Quad-Biking:

The Ssese Islands are a perfect place to explore with a Mountain Bike or on the back of an ATV Quad Bike.

Ride through quaint fishing Villages, forests, even on beaches and get to know Bulaga Islands, you can even ride into the town of Kalangala.

Take a packed lunch with you and have it on a quiet spot on the island, preferably one with view.

Take a sunset ride and see one of the most beautiful features of spending a few days on the Ssese Islands.

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Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria can accesses through various routes with Nakiwogo by MV Kalangala as the main gateway to the archipelagos.

From Nakiwogo landing site: Visitor can get to Bugala Island on the MV Kalangala ferry from Nakiwogo landing site near Entebbe. It departs the mainland at 2pm daily and leaves the Island at 8am. Transfer between Nakiwogo and Bugala Island is usually 3½ hours. First class seating costs Ush.14,000 and second class is USh.10,000. Vehicles cost Ush.50,000. It is recommended that you arrive 2 hours earier for the feery inoder to get a seat since it is served on a basis of first come – first serve. The ferry at times gets over croweded, so arrive early at Nakiwogo to claim a seat or else you may have to stand on the deck.

From Bukakata: From the western part of Uganda, a free car ferry links Bukakata mainland located 36km east of Maksaka with Luku on Bugala Islands about 50 minutes sailing. The ferry sails either directions every few hours from early morning to late afternoon. The morning trips on Sunday are not available. The ferry schedule changes often, so it is recommended that you inquire from the resorts at bugala island to get accurate and updated travel information.

From Kasenyi landing site: To get to Banda Island, there are small wooden boats departing from kasenyi, a fishing village 7km off Entebbe-Kampala road; turn off is  5km outside Entebbe. Boats from Kasenyi to Banda Islands leave daily with varied schedules that some days is direct and others stops via Kitobo Island.

On bugala island there are shared taxis that run from Kalangala to Luku at a cost of Ush.7,000 though Brovad Sands loge provides transport to their clients from and to the ferry dock.

Victoria Forest Resort: Situated in Kalangala, 1.5 km from Ferry (Lutoboka Bay), Victoria Forest Resort has a private beach area and rooms with free WiFi access.

Islands Club: Located in Bwendero, 13 km from Ssese Islands, Islands Club boasts a barbecue and views of the lake.

Brovad Sands Lodge: Offering an outdoor pool, Brovad Sands Lodge is located in Bwendero, 5 km from Ssese Islands. The resort has a barbecue and water sports facilities, and guests can enjoy a drink at the bar.