Birding Tour, Uganda West 10 Days

Birding Tour, Uganda West 10 Days

This is a 10 Days birding tour in Western Uganda. Bird through Uganda’s hot spots for bird watching that include Mabamba Swamp the best place to see the rare Shoebill Stork, Lake Mburo National Park home to Acacia Birds, savanna, wetlands and forest birds, Ruhija, Mubwindi Swamp and Bwindi Forest in South Western Uganda, the best places to see some of the rarest and most exotic birds in Uganda!. On this trip, you have optional gorilla tracking in Bwindi Forest, the renowned home to half of the world’s remaining total population of the mountain gorillas!

Itinerary Summary

Day 1: Arrival for a birding trip

Day 2: Birding in Mabamba Swamp

Day 3: Birding in Lake Mburo National Park

Day 4: Birding to Ruhizha

Day 5: Birding to Mubwindi swamp

Day 6: Birding Ruhizha to Buhoma

Day 7: Optional gorilla tracking or birding the Buhoma area

Day 8: Birding to Queen Elizabeth

Day 9: Birding in Queen Elizabeth to Fortportal

Day 10: Departure to Kampala

Day 1
Arrival for a Birding Trip

Arrive at Entebbe International Airport meet our representative who will transfer you to your respective hotel of stay in Entebbe, early arrivals can be introduced to birding around Entebbe preferable in the Botanical Gardens which produces great results of birding with views of the Great Blue and Ross’s Turacos, Red Chested, Klaas’s and Diederick Cuckoo, Great Reed, Grey Capped, Ssdge, Greater Swamp and Eurosuian Reed Warblesr, Fain Tailed Widow bird, Striped, Malachite, Giant, Woodland and Pygmy Kingfishers, Black Bishop, Grey Woodpecker, Olive, Olive bellied, Red chested, Superb, Green Throated and Collard Sunbirds, Orange, Yellow Backed, Golden Backed, Slender Billed and Black Headed Weavers, Lizard Buzzard, Grey Kestral, Black Kite, Gaber Goshawk, African Paradise and Red Bellied Paradise and Ashy fly catchers, and many more dinner and over night stay Sophie’s or Green Valley Inn BB. This day watch out for the Bat Hawk in the evening hours

Day 2
Birding in Mabamba Swamp

Morning drive to Mabamba swamp for the Shoebill Stork and other water birds. Look out for many different birds on our way to the swamp, like the Papyrus Gonolek, White Winged Warbler and Weyns Weaver. This Swamp is one of the best places to spot the exceptional Shoebill Stork. But we should not underlook other species found here, like the Allen’s and Purple Gallinule, Grey, Purple, Rufous Bellied and Goliath herons, African and Lesser Jacanas, Squaco Herons, the Globally threatened Pallid Harrier and Blue Swallow the migrant species, a variety of egrets, ducks etc. The best way to enjoy the rich bird life is by canoe and you might even have the luck to encounter the elusive Sitatunga Antelope, adapted to swampy habitats, after which drive to Lake Mburo Lunch and birding enroute where we shall have our overnight at Arcadia Cottages or Mihingo Lodge for two nights FB.

Day 3
Lake Mburo National Park

Before morning breakfast today we do our birding on foot with an armed ranger where birding is coupled with mammal viewing, bird the grassland for the Brown-chested Plover a migrating species from West Africa to northern Tanzania that crosses to this park due to its closeness to the boarder with Tanzania, the Red-faced Barbet also does cross from Northern Tanzania, here we shall have the chance to see the Zebra, Eland, Topis, Impalas and some other game, afternoon go for a boat ride in search for the African Finfoot, Giant Kingfisher, White Backed Night Heron, Little Bittern, Black Crowned Night and Green Backed Heron, African Open Billed Stork, African Fish Eagle, Madagascar and common Sqacco Heron .FB.

Day 4
Birding to Ruhizha

Birding to Ruhizha, Bwindi impenetrable national park birding the Bamboo for the Handsome Francolin White-starred Robin, Mountain Illadopsis, Grey Cuckoo Shrike, Augur Buzzard, Ayres’s and Cassin’s Hawk Eagle, Mountain Buzzard, Red-throated Alethe, Grauer’s Warbler, Mountain Masked, Collard, Chestnut Throated and Black – Throated Apalis, Dusky and Shelley’s Crimson wing, Dusky Tit, Stripe Breasted Tit, Red Faced Woodland Warbler, and many other birds overnight at Trekker’s Tarvan or Gorilla Friends.

Day 5
Birding to Mubwindi Swamp

Birding to Mubwindi swamp for the African Green Broadbill, Grauer’s Rush Warbler, Purple-breasted, Red Faced Woodland Warbler, Grey Cuckooshrike, Mountain Greenbul, Mountain Illadopsis, Chestnut, Grey, Buff-Throated, Collard, Mountain Masked, Black Throated, Throated, Blue headed and Regal Sunbirds evening Dinner and over night stay at Trekker’s Tervan or Gorilla Friends

Day 6
Birding Ruhizha to Buhoma

Birding Ruhizha then transfer to Buhoma for Handsome Francolin, Rufous-chested Fluff tail, Olive Long-tailed Cuckoo, Red-chested Owlet, Neumann’s Warbler and many other birds overnight at Gorilla Resort or Buhoma Community Bandas. FB.

Day 7
Optional Gorilla Tracking or Birding in Buhoma area

Optional gorilla tracking or birding the Buhoma area and those who go birding expect to see the Rufous-chested Fluff tail, Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo, Pink Footed and Northern Puff Back, Red Tailed, Honey Guide, Toro Olive, Cameroon Sombre, Slender Billed, Little, Little Grey, Sheilley’s, Cabani’s White Throated and Ywllow Wiskered Greenbuls, Elliots, Cardianl, Yellow Crested, Fine Banded woodpeckers, Red Throated Allethe, Red Faced Woodland Warbler, Black faced Woodland Warbler, White Headed Wood Hopoe, Waller’s, Stulman’s and Narro Tailed Starlings, Black Bee Eater, Banded and White Chinned Prinia, Blue Throated Brown, Blue Headed, Northern Double Collard, Collard, Green, Olive, olive Bellied, Rwenzro Doulbe Collard and Green Headed Sunbirds, Bar tailed Tragon, Kivu Ground Thrush, African Borad Bill, Red-chested Owlet, Neumann’s Warbler, Pale-breasted Illadopsis, White-tailed Blue Flycatcher late back to the lodge for dinner and over night stay.

Day 8
Birding to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Today we depart early in the morning driving North West to Queen Elizabeth via the Ishasha sector, depending on the group size we do the boat of 5:00 pm or miss the game drive in Ishasha and do the boat at 3:00 pm, Kazinga Channel. This is a natural 8 meter deep 40 km channel of water that connects Lakes George and Edward, with excellent photographic opportunities for waterside birds and abundant Hippos. Amongst the birds you are likely to encounter include African Skimmer, Striated Heron, African Spoonbill, Herring Gull, Lesser Black Backed Gull, Water Thick-knee, Three-banded Plover, Marsh, Green, Wood and Common Sandpiper, Gray-headed Gull, Plain Martin, Lesser Swamp-Warbler and much more.

Day 9
Birding in Queen Elizabeth to Fortportal

You start early for a game drive and birding the vast grassland area the whole morning. We look out for game such as lions, on a lucky day leopards are sighted, Uganda Kob, Water and Bush Buck, Warthog, Cape Buffalo, African Elephant among others, the birds for today include the Broad Tailed, African Moustached and Grey caped Warbler, Hollub’s Golden Weaver, White Winged Window Bird, Common and Button Quil, African Crake, Arrow Marked and Black Lored Bablers after this we drive back to Kampala via Fort Portal.

Day 10
Departure to Kampala

After breakfast, we will start birding as we transfer to Entebbe, passing through Mubende and Mityana towns. We arrive at Kampala in the afternoon and drive straight to the Airport for your flight back home. (Depending on the time of your flight).

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