Best Cars to Hire for Group Tours in Uganda

Group Tours are generally exciting, but overwhelming as well because being on the road is slightly unpredictable. However, with proper planning, your group tour is likely to be memorable and worth the experience. While you need to arrange for the perfect transportation for the road trip, it should be large/spacious enough to comfortably accommodate every traveler in the group.

You will agree that there is no better way to bond and have maximum fun than taking a group tour with friends, sports trips, church members, family or work colleagues and these can be to any of the National Parks in Uganda, picnic spots and school tours. For your group tours in Uganda, Mum and Dad Safaris offers the best cars to hire and these include;

Coaster Buses

Coaster Buses are one of the top and best cars to hire for group tours in Uganda and are capable of accommodating between 20 and 30 visitors. It is perfect for Company retreats, school tours and sports trips. Most of them feature fridge boxes, ample space for cargo in the rear and ceiling, DVD/CD/MP3 players, comfortable seats with enough leg room and arm rests, air conditioner, in addition to having several windows that allow each traveler to take in breathtaking views of the surrounding areas.

Safari Minivans

The Safari minivans are mid-sized and also popular during group tours in Uganda. With seating capacity of 7-9 visitors, these vehicles also feature pop-up roofs that are perfect for wildlife and scenic viewing during your Uganda safari, as well as photography without necessarily opening the doors and moving out. Being spacious, visitors are likely to relish the comfort and stretching while napping.

Like most of the Rental Cars used during Mum and Dad safaris, our Safari Minivans are 4WD hence making it easier to drive through the rough terrains (rocky, muddy, slippery or hilly) without worrying about being stuck in the mud or potholes. There is also ample space for keeping your luggage, Camping gear and so much more.

Safari Land Cruisers

This 4WD Safari vehicle is another wonderful option for group tours in Uganda and are manufacture by Toyota, one of Japan’s top automobile manufacturers. It has a seating capacity of 8 passengers who comfortably sit and enjoy leg room. More still, land cruisers feature spacious cargo space in the rear, air-conditioner, pop-up roof that make it possible to enjoy game drives as well as scenic viewing, freezer box and MP3/DVD/CD Player.

The Super Custom Vans

Super custom Vans are also wonderful option to hire for group tours in Uganda and usually come with a number of features that include adjustable windows that visitors can open (when need be) to let in fresh air as well as air conditioner. They have seating capacity of up to 8 passengers, yet have enough leg room as well as slid roof that are ideal for game drives or letting in sunshine.

The seats are also comfortable and adjustable, with bottle holders in addition to freezer boxes for keeping drinks chilled, MP3 Player and many others. Besides game viewing, the super custom vans are ideal for City excursions and airport transfers.

Besides the coaster buses, Safari land cruisers, super custom Vans and Safari minivans, Mum and Dad Uganda Tours also offers a wide range of cars for smaller group tours and they include Toyota Rav 4 with a seating capacity of 2-4 passengers, the Toyota Ipsum and Noah among others. Our Vehicles are affordable and range between $40 and $150 per day, without fuel and a driver. Given the high demand, advance booking is recommended for travelers, to avoid last-minute disappointments.

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