While going for a safari to either Uganda, one needs to choose which sort of car he/she needs to utilize. As a common practice, visitors make this inquiry when they ask for their safaris to Uganda and we go on and explain to them. It’s generally a better practice to settle on your own decision so you can have the best experience on the safari with no hustles caused by the car agent. Selecting the type of car rental company to use relies on the type of tourism activity you are going to do and the number of individuals you are going with. In some cases customers book small cars from us yet they are many in number. We generally encourage them to go for bigger cars like vans which can accommodate their number. It’s better to travel with a bigger car when many to avoid being squeezed and also to have the best moments full of adventures. Small vehicles like Coronas and small Benz’s are appropriate to use if customers are 2 or 3 however not more than that as it would mean that you will have to squeeze yourselves.

The distance to be traveled and the destination that you need to go to is additionally essential while selecting the type of car to use on a safari. In the event that you realize that you are going for longer distances and to spots which have undulating typologies and slopes, then the best car to use is that with a 4×4 wheel drive framework. This is on account those 4×4 vehicles can penetrate through sloppy roads and slopes with no issue and without getting stuck. Once in a while people settle on wrong decisions and they go with cars which are not full time 4×4 and they end up getting stuck in muddy roads constraining them to employ another towing car to remove them from the mud. This is terrible as it prompts increment in the costs. The best way to stay away from this is by contracting a 4×4 wheel drive car from 4X4 Uganda Car Hire which can’t easily get stuck in such conditions.

It ought to be noticed that Uganda has some spots with terrible roads and this is regular in national parks particularly in Queen Elizabeth National Park where there are wild animals to be seen. Such parks require 4×4 vehicles for a game drive experience. Safari vehicles like 4×4 land cruisers with a popup rooftop are the best car to use for an effective amusement drive. In case one needs to go for town running (driving around the town) then he/she can book these different cars which have no 4×4 framework since roads in all urban centers in both Uganda and Rwanda are in great conditions and a tourist on a self drive should not expect any trouble with them.

When you book with us we generally ask you what you plan to use the car for and we give you advice regarding the type of car suitable for such purpose. A few customers appear to be entangled and overlook our advice since they think streets in Uganda and Rwanda resemble those in their nations of origin and they end up committing errors which are regrettable. Furthermore, toward the end of their safari they lament why they overlooked our recommendation.

Taking everything into account, you ought to dependably put at the top of the priority list two component before selecting which kind of car to use and that is;- the destination you are going to and the number of individuals you are going with.

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