Uganda is an east Africa growing tourism hub bordered by Kenya Rwanda, Tanzania and South Sudan. The country has a record of more than a hundred district and major towns but each is distinctive from the other from the natural attractions, economic and social life style, below we discuss a few major popular towns in Uganda. There are several cities and towns in Uganda. The top towns in the country are;

  • Kampala
  • Jinja
  • Entebbe
  • Nansana
  • Kira Town
  • Mbarara

The Biggest Cities In Uganda

Rank Biggest Cities in Uganda Population
1 Kampala 1,659,600
2 Nansana 365,857
3 Kira Town 313,761
4 Mbarara 195,013
5 Mukono Town 161,996
6 Gulu 152,276
7 Masaka 103,829
8 Kasese 101,679
9 Hoima 100,625
10 Lira 99,059


Kampala is the main capital city of Uganda built on the Buganda hill, kampala was formerly hunting ground where a vast population of the impala lived and thus the name was derived as akasozi k’empala meaning a hill of impalas and was later transformed to kampala. Kampala city is interesting attracting all tribes from the all corners of the world. The city is seats on seven hills that Rubaga hill, Namirembe hill, Kibuli hill, Kololo hill, nakasero hill kasubi hill, old kampala hill, all these hills are dubbed with prominent official housings and magnificent places of worship, schools, hospitals and public offices.  A city tour in Kampala will take you to all these various hills and explore the details and beauty of each of hill. Besides the seven hills kampala has a lot more to offer from the craft markets, the royal home, Uganda museum, national theatres and night life, the city is safe for everyone to explore. Kampala is known as a distinctly African city in architecture and culture because of the pre- colonial buildings.


This is the only town that officially welcomes you to the pearl of Africa. Entebbe is located on the peninsula of the shores of Lake Victoria, the largest water body in Africa. Entebbe hosts the international Airport, the State House, Ministry Head Quarters, recreation centers i.e. beaches and Hotels. Entebbe is quite with serene cool environment of fresh breeze from the lake couples with tight security because of the airport and state house.

Major key center of attraction in Entebbe include Uganda wildlife Centre, various beaches like spennah, aero, lido and sports beach among others. There is also Entebbe botanical gardens for picnics, nature walks, Reptile Village, Entebbe Golf Course and kitoro leisure. Entebbe town is fun parked only you are limited of choice. While in Entebbe you can visit the islands on Lake Victoria, point of interest being mabamba island for birding, and Ngamba island a sanctuary for the orphaned chimps.


This town is among the steady growing major cities in Uganda. It is a landmark of the western region welcome you to the town with a symbolic statue of cattle. This is to symbolize the treasure and importance of cattle keeping to the western region. Many times, you will hear a slogan saying Mbarara the place of honey and milk, this is because it holds a big percentage of milk supply and processing in the country. Mbarara town is less than 300 km from the main capital Kampala, the town is always a resting place for tourists travelling to queen Elizabeth national park and south western Uganda Bwindi forest national park. Most tourist prefer to stop by lake Mburo national park because its strategically located about 30 kms from the town for the adventure of wild life.

other attractions tourists ought to visit include Nkonkonjeru Royal Tombs at Kakika burial site of Omugabe (King) Kahaya II and Omugabe Gasyonga among others, Lake Nakivale  located about 40 kilometers south-east of Mbarara Town, River Rwizi for canoeing which passes through the town flowing from the highlands in Bushenyi district into Lake Kachera in Rakai district, Sanga Cultural Village, located at the Sanga junction about 20 kilometers leading to the Lake Mburo National Park, Lake View in Town Centre, Golf Course, visit igongo cultural center for


Jinja town is the second largest town in Uganda to kampala, and one of the major industrial towns. While in JinJa you find so many manufacturing and processing plants. The town is approximately 87 kilometers from the kampala capital city which makes it easier and fast to travel there and explore this quite city on the shores of the longest river, River Nile. Large house with big yard that the colonials left describe jinja as you go through the town. Jinja has its major center of attraction not miss like Itanda Falls for camping, picnic and outings, source of the Nile for the adrenaline adventures. Besides the natural attraction there are number of industries to visit which include textile, Nile Breweries, Kakira Sugar Works, steel rolling, grain milling and Fish Factor and tea processing industries.

Fort portal town

Fort portal town is known as one of the clean cities in town surrounded by the green lush vegetation from the luring tea plantation and misty form the mountains of the moon, mount Rwenzori. Fort portal is in the western region about 300 km by road form kampala via mubende named after the British consul sir Gerald portal from Zanzibar. Main features with in the tow include sir Gerald portal statue on the main street of the town, the Toro palace the hill, Amabere ga Nyinamwiru daughter of King Bukuku of the Batembuzi dynasty, karamabi tombs of the Toro addition while in Fortpotal you can explore the crater lakes, hot springs in Semuliki national park and track chimps in Kibale forest national park.

 Kabale town

The history of kabale is rich from the meaning alone it means ‘’small stone’’. Kabale named after a piece of local iron that was so heavy that people visited from far and wide to see. It is located in the south western Uganda occupied by three ethnic tribes of Bakiga, Bafumbira and Bahororo. Kabale feature green vegetation and it moist and cold often times because of the surrounding hills and mountains of muhavura. Kabale is at the border entry of katuna from Rwanda which makes it easier for tourists to come through. The major attraction in kabale include, lake Bunyonyi for canoeing and relaxing, part of Bwindi forest is in kabale which makes it easy to track primates like the mountain gorillas and un habituated chimps. The Virunga Mountains which lie along the Rwanda-Dem Rep of Congo border are visible from the Kabale Town, Caves and Scenic Rocks, include Nyarujansi hill, Mirambi hill, Maingira, Nyabisekembe hill, Nyakaro hill and Nyasononwa.

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