Jinja city, dubbed the adventure capital of east Africa is located 1 hour drive east of Kampala capital of Uganda. It is the home to the source of the Nile, the world’s longest and northward flowing river. The Nile in Jinja offers some of the most fun outdoor adventures. along the way to jinja from kamapala, there’s Sezibwa waterfalls and Mabira forest reserve where you can make stops to for photography, nature and wildlife.

Visit source of the Nile

Source of the world’s longest river the Nile is the top attraction in Jinja. So it would be unfair if you went to Jinja minus taking on a boat ride on Victoria Nile to discover the place where the Nile starts to flow its 6689 sq km journey all the way through 11 east and North African countries to the Mediterranean Sea. There’s a monument dedicated to Speke, a British explorer who’s said to have discovered the source of the Nile.

White water rafting

Jinja is the headwaters of the Nile, world’s longest river. White water rafting is one of the wonderful ways to enjoy the Nile. There are plenty of options offered for your trip to Jinja, ranging from family friendly, to challenging rafting for a day or weekend. A half day rafting trip usually includes transportation and lunch.


You will find perfect rapids for your kayaking adventure on the Nile. The river has sections with slow moving waves for beginners and children to kayak and float. There are also grade 3 and 5 rapids that offer an extreme kayaking experience.

Horseback riding

For the places you cannot reach by car or motorcycle, horseback riding offers a chance to discover stunning view points of the Nile valley and its surrounding hills. Horse rides range from 90 minutes to half day.

Bungee jumping

Try out a bungee jump over a 45 meters high cliff to touch the waters of the Nile beneath. It is an extreme adventure but fun and exciting. It is very safe as the activity is internationally certified giving much trust to do bungee jumping in Jinja.

Boat cruises on the Nile

Boat cruises on river Nile in Jinja can be tailored to suit needs of the travelers either as family, honeymoon couples, and individuals. Plenty of refreshments are on board the boat cruise as you take in the sights and sounds of the mighty Nile River. A range of boat cruise trips are available in Jinja including 2 days house boat trip to 2 hours jet and speed boating, sunset and sunrise cruises. The boats cruise on the Victoria Nile where you can enjoy African sunsets and spot birds of prey such as African fish eagle, giant kingfisher.

Quad biking

A great way to experience the Nile is to rent an ATV quad bike and head off dirt tracks. Short packages range from full day to 1- 4 hours which are suitable for children aged 12 years and above. Experience may not be necessary to try out this adventure; you begin with 30 minute preparation training to ensure you get familiar with the tracks. While you ride along the Nile on dirt tracks, at many points you come across puddles and potholes passing through forests, villages making it a thrilling experience. Stops are made at some trading centers or along the river to refresh with a drink or wash off the dirt


Visitors can bike along the Nile River to enjoy beautiful scenery. You will be riding your bike in a group together or with your guide. Depending on your time, rides range from 90 minutes to full day, so you will have drinks and packed lunch or connect to a restaurant and enjoy a buffet.

Jinja city tour

After doing all the adventures, never miss to pass through the city of Jinja, much dominated by Indian architecture buildings. Being on the Nile, there are many industries such as Nile breweries, textile factories which you can visit. It has many restaurants, bars where you can enjoy a drink and view of the beautiful Nile. There are also arts and craft shops to buy souvenirs.