Driving in Uganda on any vacation is an eventual experience that gives the best way to explore the country’s diverse wildlife and perfect cultures. Uganda is one of Africa’s best self driving destinations with great roads. The government has constructed most of the tourism roads that lead to Uganda’s most treasured places to visit. When hiring a car in Uganda for self drive tour, you should know the following conditions and terms for you to drive in Uganda.

The car hire conditions in Uganda; to rent a vehicle, you must be between the ages of 23 and 70 years of age and be a holder of a valid international driver’s permit for the past 2 years and have no endorsements. A copy of your passport, driving license, full contact details and a full advance payment of 20% to confirm your booking and reserve the car for the specified period. The balance has to be paid on beginning of service. The additional cash deposit might be required under certain special circumstances.

About driving license and Age limitations; the drivers should have a valid national or international driver’s license held at least two years and a minimum of 21 years of age for groups. Those that are 75 years and above should not drive and should always inform us since age restrictions might apply in certain locations. The minimum rental period is usually 24 hours. Any rental period less than 24 hours needs a whole day rate.

The inclusions and exclusions in the rate; the rates include; the unlimited mileage, drivers, VAT 18%, local taxes, oil, maintenance, 24 hours road assistance. The special rates and terms might apply for the long term rentals and minimum is usually 30 days. These car hire rates usually exclude; fuel, personal insurance, one way rental fees, optional extras, infant/child seat, special equipment and the parking fees.

The additional drivers; Rental cars may be driven by maximum of 2 additional drivers apart from main driver. The charges often apply for the additional drivers which might be bought at the time of reservation. The additional drivers should meet age and license requirements at the time of rental, also should be registered in the rental agreement. In case accident occurs while non- registered driver is driving the rental car the insurance will be void.

The infant / Child/ Booster seats; this is up on request at the time of booking and these are at an additional cost of up to $10 per day depending on the number of rental days.
About the flight information; it’s always customer’s responsibility to provide the correct flight number and the arrival time, before departure. In case is not available at the time of booking, please ensure that you will inform us of this at least seven days prior to departure. In case the information is not provided in time, no responsibility can be accepted or compensation allowed for a failed rental. This is to allow staff to be ready for you on arrival.

About delivery & collection; there is no delivery and collection fee at the cities where proper car rental offices are during the office working hours. In case you need to pick up or drop off from hotel, accommodation address or out of city limits or office hours, there may be a fee that applies.

The car models; there are particular makes and models of vehicles that are not allowed. The requested group and specifications would be guaranteed. The car hire companies reserve the right to alternate the car type reserved to a similar or higher car group, under circumstances beyond control;.

About delayed return or Early return; the delayed return is charged 1/3 of the daily rate for each hour. In case its more than 3 hours then it will be counted as an extra day. However there are refunds on early returns given for the vehicles returned before the specified return date/time written in the rental agreement.

Condition of vehicle; the vehicles are supposed to be returned at the same condition that is rented. In case a special cleaning is needed it might be charged at return.
The Fuel policy; the vehicles are not provided full tank, so the clients should return the car as it’s rented. If the car is returned with more fuel than at pick up, there will be no refund. However the clients might request pre-paid full tank at the time of booking.

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