Hiring a car in Uganda has never been an easy task. Website advertisements on the internet are full of good promising car rental deals and they usually give a flat price that ranges from US$20 to US$200 in accordance with the size of the car. However, normally the car hire agencies do not elaborate on the hidden charges or other expenses that are included in the whole package of the car hire services. The prices of car hire vary from country to country so when you are coming to Uganda, expect different prices charged for the different cars.

However it is of you best interest to find/ make a research on Uganda car rentals before you rent a car in Uganda. It is best for you to keep tabs on all the fees that you are going to encounter at your car rental experience in Uganda.

Since our may goal is to let help out on any issue concerning car rentals Uganda. We came up with the fees that you must know about car hire services in Uganda:

Many car hire companies in Uganda ask for a safety deposit fees at the first attempt you hire a car. There is always an amount of money; you as a client have to leave behind with the car hire company for safety reasons depending on the size of the car. This money is refundable in case nothing goes wrong while driving a car in Uganda.

The general car rental fees: this is the actually money charged for hiring a car in Uganda. This is charged by all car rental agencies in Uganda. It is the money you pay to acquire a certain type of a car.

Some car hire companies in Uganda also charge contract fees. These fees are normally used to cover the administrative cost the car provider incurs while transacting car hire business with the client. that is the costs the car provider generates when the client ask of his/her to delivery or collect the vehicle at a certain point which is not within the proximity of the car hire agency area’s and time of operation. For example if the client wants the car to be delivered to him in the wee hours of the night and also delivering or collecting it in the remote areas and out of the borders of Uganda like Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania Burundi and The DR. Congo.

Furthermore, they are also cross border fees in car rental business. These are normally taxes charged on the car hire that is operating in two different states for example if you are going to cross the car from Uganda to Rwanda. You are obliged to pay the taxes that are levied by the authorities along the borders of Uganda Rwanda.

Some car hire agencies also charge extra mileage fees. These are fees that are apportioned to you when you cover extra kilometers as opposed to the ones in the car hire agreement. However, this is an unpopular fee that is dying out. Most car hire companies have a adopted the unlimited mileage policy where the client can drive as many kilometers as he/she can as long as he/she is driving within the destination he stipulated in the contract with the car hire provider.

There are also extra driver fees. These are rare fees charged by car hire companies on the clients on a self drive trip Uganda when they are more than one person who is going to drive the car hired on their expedition in Uganda.

Collision damage waiver fees: these are insurance fees paid by the client to may should that he/she is covered against any damages that can happened to the car in case of an accident. Here the client becomes less liable to the damages that occur to the car while driving it.

Fuel refilling fees: these are normally charged to client after his/her journey to make up for the fuel used when the car was delivered to him/her to kick start the journey. In case the client brings back the car with the same amount of fuel then he/she does not pay the fuel refilling fees.

You must also know about early return fees which are normally charged to client when he/she fails to return the car on the date and time that he/she proposed to. These are normally considered more of fines because these car hires are always in operation in case of any delay of the car arrival then they are missing out business of which the client has to make it up for his/her delay.

When looking for a good car hire in Uganda, always ask the reservation about the above fees before you do business with them. The reservation should be able to tell you all the fees charged by their car hire company because different companies in Uganda have different fees on car hire services.

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