Itanda Falls Rapids Challenge Rafting Tourists

Before Bujagali falls became a lake, it was one of the most challenging waterfalls for every white water rafting trip. Grade five water levels could turn boats around at the same time giving kayaking guide a job to save the tourists in water. Now that Bujagali falls is no more, Itanda falls stands in as the most challenging rapids to all adventure seekrs looking to white water rafting in Uganda.

The fall is found in a few kilometer distance from the  Bujagali falls turn off by road but Rafting travelers get their by water as they enjoy their days Nile adventure. For those who love listening to roaring water, here is a great chance to witness the Nile at Itanda falls. The set of rapids makes the falls one of the hidden jewels of Uganda known by kayakers and rafters across the world including Prince William of Great Britain. Can’t leave out the scenic hills around it which provide scenic views to tourists during the rafting & kayaking adventure. Most Uganda safaris extend to Jinja for reasons of seeing the River Nile origin as well as exploring the famous challenging rapids. Tourists first visit Bujagali falls to confirms it’s new look before proceeding to other places. But after the Dam construction upstream in jinja Bujagali falls is now a mere lake which disappoints if you have ever been to the old Bujagali falls. Despite its change, tourists still have something to keep them busy like Quad biking trips, village walk tours and even relaxing in the close bar and restaurants of Nile river explores.

As Itanda falls remain a paradise for day visitors and tourists, Kayakers and rafters look at it as the hardest waterfall full of challenging rapids that can’t just be faced by anyone even the experienced. There are several strong rapids of grade five and never expect to flow smoothly on water other than facing it for the best. Itanda always gets more attention in every Uganda rafting trip because tourists enjoy mixing up in the rapids than never before. The rapids look scary close but it’s where you need to be and see. However, the cross move looks tough but manageable because it’s exactly what you plan to experience. If you about to end the rapids water waves sweep you off the right path into the waters though the interesting bit is that all kayaking guides are ever ready to fix the mess.

Going out for a full day white water rafting tour is exciting, funny and surprisingly because fellow tourists keep quiet when moments of passing challenging rapids come. The water giggles increase the heart beating levels of every rafting touristgiving thanks to the creator for making life best. The rafting adventure starts at 9.00am and ends at 3.00pm so one needs a full day in order to experience these rapids.Among the many rafting  companies,the choice is yours to book with your favorite, Adrift ,Nile river explorers, and Nalubale. Rafting & kayaking activities are done in Jinja   a second Uganda capital located in a one hour drive distance from Kampala Uganda’s capital. However Jinja without waterfalls along the Nile would have been not same since places along the Nile attracts more vistors every year across the world.

Itanda Falls at Jinja is still the Nile non-commercialized without any gate pass fee, the way it has been for many years. To locals it is considered as a sacred site…a “Blessed Place” where those living near the falls come to pray for blessings. Unlike other guidebooks and tour companies  that never turn down money like the caretakers of Bujagli gate who take entrance fee  from tourists yet the place has nothing other than the Nile ripples. If you want to see the falls you need to visit Itanda and the road is now fairly marked though sometimes still visitors get lost several times along the way. But never stop asking for help from locals walking along the road side.

Itanda falls is located in a 30 kilometer distance from Jinja town via Jinja, Budondo,Nakanonyi highway. Drive down the road and you will discover Itandafalls a place where the Nile powers are released. The falls has three grades of water from three-five but very remarkable. The cold winds and rapid sounds make you relaxed giving way to happy moments and memories. No wonder the kayakers & rafters love visiting this place each day no matter how tough it looks to be. For birders this is heaven because there are several water bird species which reside in the middle forest of the fall as well as the surrounding hills. While here you can sense the geography of the Nile by looking at the juncture where the river splits into two central and Eastern Uganda. The east water majority drops through Itanda unlike the Eastern. Indeed never worry about where to stay when it get late because their exit a thatched huts hotel on the west side.

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