Known as “The Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is a place to find all kinds of wonderful attractions in the world. The mountain gorillas are one of the most popular tourist attractions of the country along with chimpanzees, wildlife, lakes, mountains, Birds, Rivers and the warm friendly people. However some of Uganda’s best secrets are in natural conserved locations regardless of the many attractions in the country.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The most famous chimpanzee viewing and feeding spots on Lake Victoria islands. Ngamba Island Sanctuary is home to orphanage chimpanzees and is a charming location for primate lovers especially those who want to view chimpanzees as well as participate in process chimpanzee monitoring and feeding. The island can be accessed by boat that sets off every day from Entebbe in the morning and return back to the very point in evening to drop off day visitors.

Source of the Nile

Find this natural unique attraction in Jinja a famous adventure capital of Uganda and a home to not only the longest river in the world but also various waterfalls –Itanda falls, Kalagala falls, Kyabirwa falls and  Bujagali falls. Given the wide range of lakes and rivers it’s very difficult to leave Jinja without enjoying the great water spots –white water rafting, boat cruise, bungee jumping, kayaking. The length of the Nile and the rare water nature at its source is something that amazes every traveler to Uganda.

Stunning Murchison Falls

The top ranked mighty fall of the Nile that produce a relaxing roaring sound all day, fighting waters and the most scenic amazing views of the Nile and its amazing habitants. Murchison falls consist variety of wildlife, birds, primates and it’s one of the great wildlife safari parks in Africa. Other attractions of the park include the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, top of the falls, chimpanzees, nature walks and the well-built safari lodges that cater for all budgets.

Untamed Bwindi Forest

Located in south western Uganda, Bwindi Forest National Park a known gorilla safari park due to its wonderful gorilla trekking experience. The Park is most famous for its highest number of mountain gorillas. Once a major hunting ground for the forest peoples also known as the Batwa, it is now a well conserved home for the endangered species. There is a lot to do enjoy in Bwindi forest including gorilla trekking, bird watching, nature walks, cycling, riding a bicycle for women, hiking, waterfall walks, community excursions, forest trail walks among others. However, if your interest is to track mountain gorillas and golden monkeys or hike volcanoes, Mghainga National Park is another gorilla trekking park in Uganda.

Kidepo Valley

Kidepo Valley National Park was chosen one of the top wildlife game reserves in Africa. It’s also known as Uganda’s most loved wildlife safari attraction and the land where ancient traditions still reign. The Big five, other wildlife plus the Karamojong culture is something that visitors enjoy in this park. Every morning visitors keep themselves busy viewing early risers and game viewing is the main tourist activity in the park.

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