Photography Tours in Murchison Falls National Park

One of the largest and modern safari fleets in Uganda including several custom-built and new model 4×4 Land cruisers driven by some of Uganda’s best and most experienced safari guides. With our depth of experience and hand-picked safari consultant team we specialize in tailor-made, luxury, customized safaris in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

If you can dream it, we can make it happen! Murchison Falls National park contains a wide variety of wildlife including big game, forest primates and 450 bird species. The mighty Nile, the longest river in the world, flows through the heart of the park for a distance of 120km, on its 6500km journey from Lake Victoria to Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. The park’s centre piece is the explosive, 40m high Murchison Falls where the Nile is forced through a 6 metre gap in the rift valley escarpment.

The Falls separate two very different rivers. Upstream, the river races down a turbulent 80km channel punctuated with rapids. Downstream, the Nile flows quietly towards Lake Albert which it enters through a large papyrus delta.

Duroboats are the perfect craft for small groups hence giving you photo and filming expedition when you are few. Their light aluminium hulls each provide comfortable seating for up to four people plus a skipper/guide. They are also suitable for filming since they are open sided.

Medium sized Alligator game viewing boats with their 8.5m long, shallow V-hulls have been designed for use on African rivers and provide comfortable seating for groups of up to 14 for excursions. A carpeted upper deck allows views of wildlife beyond the reeds that fringe the shoreline and also provides additional height for those that like to cast their rods. With this photography and filming are more perfect.

More to that is the big double-decker (Garyboto) river vessel with capacity for 35 guests. It has two decks with flexible seating arrangements and our on board river guide moves around on board providing interesting information and pointing out animal and bird sightings as you are filming. The covered lower deck provides welcome shade while the semi-covered, upper deck – standing 3m above the river – allows excellent views close to the shore as well as further afield and solid wooden decking provides a stable photography platform. A toilet is also on board. Nature Adventure Uganda provides you with all these amazing services. Its real excitement traveling with us, making your dreams come true as well as a memorable life time safari.

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