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Self Drive in Uganda

How to Find an Affordable Self Drive in Uganda

Uganda is hosting over ten national parks like Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Mountain Rwenzori, kidepo valley, Mountain Elgon, Semliki, Kibale, Mgahinga, Bwindi impenetrable and lake Mburo national park where you can encounter wildlife safaris and also take wildlife photographs comprising of its several primates and species, geographical background and outlook, topography, physical features like Lakes,…
Nsenene A Local Delicacy in Uganda

Nsenene (Grass Hoppers) – A Local Delicacy in Uganda

In our coverage of Bizzare Foods that people enjoy around the world, today lets look Nsenene, the long horned grasshoppers. Known as Nsenene in the local Kiganda Language, one of the local dialects the most spoken in Uganda, these grasshoppers are a great delicacy enjoyed mostly within the central and south western region of Uganda.…