Things to See

Uganda is a special beautiful country full of magnificent wildlife and unique landscape. You can find all kinds of exciting wildlife in different national parks making Uganda a great safari destination in Africa. The magical land features everything from mountains, lakes, forests, culture, hills among others that change your visit and Uganda safari into unforgettable memories. Uganda is safe and boosts some of the most amazing safari experiences that you will find any time since back then. Besides, Uganda has developed a reputation of being the top budget gorilla trekking destination in Africa second to none in history, wildlife conservation and responsible travel. The unspoilt natural beauty, rich culture, friendly people, exciting primates and wildlife make it a must visit travel destination for any Africa safari holiday year round. If you interested in Gorillas trekking and wildlife, Uganda is one of the Africa countries you won’t have to miss. Check out some of the five attractions that make it an excellent destination for your Africa safari.

Most Popular Things to See in Uganda

There are lots of things to see in Uganda. From the rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to man made attractions, there are unique things to see in Uganda.

Top Things to See

There are lots of things to do and see in Uganda. The most popular things to see and do include;

  • Would you like to see the mountain gorillas in Africa? Take a gorilla trek to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. In Uganda, you are sure to see some of the giant silver back dominating the other gorillas by pounding their chest in the middle of the beautiful, unspoiled rainforest.
  • Do not forget to drive through the Ishasha Region to see the unique tree climbing lions that are found in only Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is common that these lions can be seen up in the trees sitting gracefully on the fig tree branches with no care in the world.
  • Visit the Source of the Nile in Jinja
  • Take short excursions to Jinja, Kampala or Entebbe
  • Trek to the top of the Magherita Peak on the famed mountains of the moon in Western Uganda.

Whether you want to spend two days exploring Bwindi Gorilla Forest National Park or four days at Murchison Park Falls, traveling along the Nile you are sure to have an amazing vacation and stories to tell. Be sure to visit us for more information about your safari vacation and you sure wont regret it.

Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi & Mgahinga National Park

Tracking the endangered mountain gorillas is one of the rare things to do on a safari in Uganda. This adventure is carried out in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, home to over 400 mountain gorillas and also in Mgahinga National Park, part of the broader Virunga Region. Amongst all adventure safaris taken in Uganda, gorilla trekking safaris have made Uganda famous! Remember mountain gorillas can be found in only three countries; Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire).

Gorilla tracking is also part of the many tourist attractions in Uganda, a safari in Uganda wouldn’t be complete without gorilla trekking. Uganda is actually the best place to go as they have the largest number of gorilla families in the Bwindi National Park. The other gorillas are found in Mgahinga National park and this one has one gorilla group and this one usually moves to Rwanda and it’s not constant. The gorilla permits in Uganda are sold at only $600 which is less compared to that of Rwanda which is 750 dollars.

Chimpanzees & Other Primates  

Talking about chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, kibale forest national park ranks best as the most populated chimpanzee ground in Africa and a home of over 13 primate species together with other forest habitants. Besides, nothing other than chimpanzee trekking and habituation are the most done tour activities in Kibale forest. The landscape of kibale id spectacular, green with clear walking trails. If you are looking to get close to first moving primates, kibale national park is for you year round. Remember rainy seasons are best for chimpanzee trekking tours since the chimpanzees don’t move a lot in search of food. Also in Murchison falls is Budongo Forest one of the other best chimpanzee trekking spots in Uganda .Another Kyambura gorge and Kalinzu Forest reserve in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This chimpanzee location is popular especially for those on Gorilla, chimpanzee and wildlife safari tours in Bwindi forest and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Amazing Wildlife

This country is also blessed with all kinds of wildlife and many people don’t realize all there is to see. Kampala which is the capital of Uganda will make you feel like you’re an Asia with electronics shops on every corner and the people of Uganda are extremely friendly. Also the new integration of Uganda into the Eastern Africa Community is great for tourism as well. The many tourist attractions which have attracted many tourists to come to Uganda for safaris include; Gorilla trekking, city tour in Kampala, Equator, white water rafting, Lake Victoria, chimpanzees, and many more.

Kampala – the Capital of Uganda

Kampala city is also believed to be one of the liveliest cities in Africa where people never sleep; it’s occupied by clubs which operate 24 hours and this keeps the city lively to the tourists. There are many attractions which are o unique only to this city and these include; the bahai temple, Namugongo shrine which is the place where the Uganda martyrs were burnt from by King Mwanga, there is also Gaddaffi mosque, Owino market which has most of the items needed by the local nationals, Makerere University, Kasubi tombs, Bulange building, masengere building, the newly constructed building to the Kabaka of Buganda and many more. The other attractions also include; the Equator, white water rafting, Lake Victoria, mountains, and many more.