6 Tips for Traveling With Children on a Safari in Uganda

Are you planning on travelling for your next holiday in Uganda? Are you planning to take a self drive in Uganda? And are you planning this with the Kids? Oh!…..The excitement and joy children feel travelling with their parents on a long trip brings preparation in them like an early bird… They can’t wait for the promised day to reach. They are prepared as early as they could not to forget their playing materials packed in the travel bags. Toddlers like any other human being need company of their parents not to be left behind for the impressive journey ahead as they are unhappy and uncomfortable at home.

Check out for various rental agencies of your choice to have a memorable tour on the source of the Nile, the Murchison Falls, the Entebbe Zoo, the dwelling large gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and all sorts of attractions that you meet along your planned safari to the pearl of Africa in a self drive car. Below are tips to put in consideration while travelling with kids.

  1. Pack Snacks
    Nobody wants a hungry toddler to become a grumpy toddler. Along the journey children always love to eat sugary snacks,biscuits,cakes mention them to sustain the hunger for long hours and get the calories to make the weaver bird noise, blow the vuvuzelas, sing their most memorable songs at school. However try your level best to avoid packing such snacks since they cost their health. Oh! What a joyful journey with friends.
  2. Bring Entertainment
    Since babies and children are one of the vulnerable people that need attention,keep them with fun making materials; baby toys, vuvuzelas, game toys so as to keep them focused and interested in a safari trip eager to see strange and memorable unforgettable features through the van’s wind screens, the seemingly movable trees through the wind screen, mountains and hills for the first time. Provide them with child-proof cameras if possible to keep them entertained with fellow children
  3. Get Reinforcements
    Worried of toddlers, plan ahead of the trip in case you ought to travel with a nanny. Toddlers need maximum attention to feel the comfort of the trip. To change the clothes, feed them and stop the baby from crying. Or one of you can be the alternative if a nanny is expensive to travel with.
  4. Sing Together
    Pick a song that you are all used too, sing to one tune and have fun with the kids remix. They become happy when they see you sing along with them.
  5. Stop Frequently
    The beauty of self drive is that you can stop at your own pace. Frequent stops make children get stretched after long hours of travel, get a glance look to the seemingly moveable trees and mountains, get exposed to nearby people and ease themselves.
  6. Medical Kit
    For quick delivery a First Aid kit should a companion in case of stomachache. Never the less some children asymptotic to weather affiliated diseases like asthma which requires them to move their inhalers in case the climate worsens. Lastly travelling with kids on a self drive safari is the best decision one can share with the society to have a memorable experience in a life time.

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