Top 5 Active Adventures in Uganda

Uganda truly gifted by nature is among the most diverse wildlife destinations on the entire planet blessed with a number of wildlife species and attractions giving tourists a chance to engage in a number of wildlife activities. The major attractions in Uganda range from lakes, rivers, escarpments, mountains, a number of wildlife species and many others. Most of these are seen in the major 10 national parks that the pearl of Africa has.

Tourists seeking for great adventures are well catered for while in Uganda as they can engage in a number of activities that include the following

Hiking The Snow Capped Rwenzori

The Rwenzori Mountains are situated in Kasese district in western Uganda and are comprised of mountain ranges that stretch up to Democratic Republic of Congo. The highest peak along the Rwenzori ranges (peak Stanley) is the 4th highest elevation on the African continent standing at 5109.

There are a number of trekking itineraries designed to hike the Rwenzori up to the snow-capped peaks giving one a great aerial view of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Those who cannot manage to hike the mountain up to the snow can opt for hiking options for to given points of the mountain that can be explored in a day or 2. Hiking the Rwenzori gives tourists a chance to view a number of wildlife species including the rare Johnston’s (three horned chameleon) plus other unique montane vegetation species found in no other place in Uganda.

Hiking Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon is situated in eastern Uganda on the Uganda-Kenya border. Mount Elgon has the largest volcanic base on the planet and the largest caldera. Hiking is among the major tourists carried out around this mountain as adventurous tourists explore the mountain to its highest point Wagagai that stands at 2458 meters above sea level.

Mount Elgon is a home to the great Sipi falls that formed as river Sipi flowed over a hard rock on the mountain. There is a natural montane forest along mount Elgon that can be explored by tourists on forest or nature walks as they view a number of wildlife including primates like monkeys as well as a number of bird species.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Mountain gorillas are very endangered apes that are only remaining in only three countries on the entire planet Uganda inclusive. In Uganda, mountain gorillas in habit the forested mountains of Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest also located in southwestern. Hiking to encounter the mountain gorillas may not be very hectic as hiking the Ruwenzori’s but it’s surely an activity that should not be taken lightly as it’s done in the forested mountains. Meeting with the gorillas in the forested mountains in southwestern Uganda on a gorilla safari offers so far one of the most exclusive and unforgettable wildlife experiences in the pearl of Africa.

Game Drives in Uganda’s Savanna Parks

All the above-mentioned hiking activities are truly adventurous however one can also go for open savanna wildlife expedition to the major savanna national parks in Uganda for great wildlife viewing.

Game drives and boat cruises in Queen Elizabeth national park located in western Uganda offers views of a number of wild animals like the elephants, tree climbing lions, waterbucks, hippos and crocodiles along the Kazinga channel and many others. Those interested in tracking chimpanzees in their natural habitants can greatly enjoy tracking in the Kyambura gorge forest located within the park premises or in the Kalinzu forest reserve situated just a few meters from the national park.

Other savanna national parks in Uganda where one can enjoy wildlife safaris include Kidepo valley national park, Murchison falls national park, semuliki valley national park, lake Mburo national park among others. Top Active Adventures in Uganda

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