Entry Requirements

It’s always memorable to everyone who make his/her first entry in the new country, it’s really a magical experience with pure excitement, and even just being on an airport in a strange land alone can be beautiful.

Travel Requirements

  • A certificate of yellow fever vaccination is needed and all visitors are required to take malaria prophylactic drugs prior to travel.
  • You should bring along your valid passport with you and based on the visa requirement, if needed, a visa can be purchased on the spot.

Uganda is one of the unique countries and being in Uganda for the first time is regarded as memorable experience whether one comes for business trip, gorilla trekking tours or wildlife safari or for adventurous tour, being Uganda the pearly of Africa everything is amazing from the time one arrive at the Entebbe international airport up to your destination. Uganda is one of the countries with hospitable people, so calm, they can offer any help with a lot of ease even before you ask for it. The smile they give make travelers feel at home already immediately after taking off the airport.

However, before entering Entebbe international airport/Uganda there are certain requirements needed to live freely in the country. Any person entering the pearl of Africa should be in harmony with the national immigration laws, rules and formalities. And for foreign nationals entering the country for purposes of employment should obey with necessities for expatriate employment in Uganda.

For one to enter the country should be with a visa, all nationals that requires visas to enter Uganda must obtain it to smoothen their entry into the country. One can get a visa upon his/her arrival at Entebbe international airport or at the Uganda missions or at any other entry point. Single entry visas can be obtained at a cost of usd50, the single tourist Visa which covers Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda is highly recommended and it costs only US$100.

The multiple entry visas is charged depending on the number of months one to spend in Uganda. It should be noted that any entry or exist to or from Uganda should be made through the gazette points of entry points of entry and exit. Anyone can apply the visa online at https://visas.immigration.go.ug.

A valid passport is also required for a period of six months or beyond. On arrival at the airport, any visitor is required to fill in an arrival declaration card. The information should be the same with the immigration regulations, providing all the required biometric information. The arrival or departure cards are always available at the arrival lounge. All travelers entering Uganda must poses a valid yellow fever card in order to be allowed entry, other healthy precautions include anti-malarial drugs, flue and cold medicines, Hepatitis B vaccines, and any other healthy precautions as may be advised by your doctor.

In case you want to enter the country with pets, you must carry a certificate of good health from a registered veterinarian from your country of origin, it’s should be stamped, signed and issued not earlier than 9 days before the date of arrival in Uganda. A certificate is needed to confirm that the pets is free from rabies and has been immunized as required.

For dogs, they need to be vaccinated for at least 30 days before arrival, they must be vaccinated against disease like distemper, hepatitis rabies, and leptospirosis.

When moving with cats, they must also be vaccinated against disease such as feline enteritis and rabies for at least 30 days before arrival.

The main entry to Uganda is by air and there are many aircraft that land direct from other nations include Ethiopian airline, quarter, Emirates, Rwanda air just to mention but the few. Uganda can also be entered by road passing the border posts like from DR. Congo passing via the Kyanika Border, Tanzania via the Busia Border, and Kenya via the Malaba Boarder while Rwanda via the Katuna. There are direct buses you can use to take you to Uganda. For more information about visa to Uganda, when to visit, what to do, places to visit and car hiring services please contact us we will be at your disposal.