What to Wear

In general, the Ugandans are well-dressed and conservative in style. Among the residents and hospital staff, most men wear ties and women wear skirts that go below the knee with either closed-toe shoes or sandals. Long coats are worn by all physicians.

Outside of the hospital, men are usually in long pants and button-down shirts, despite the heat. Most women are in long skirts or dresses, although they also wear pants at times.

Shorts are generally only worn by tourists or by the few people found jogging in parts of the city.

It is advisable that during the rainy seasons (March-May and September-November) one carries an umbrella or raincoat. The rains come quickly and with full force and can catch you off- guard. Luckily they are usually short-lived and can be waited out under an awning or from within a building.

It can get cool at night during the rainy season so bring a light sweater or jacket. Of note, while the dry season is mostly sunny and hot, there are still occasional rains, so one might consider having an umbrella nearby.

Umbrellas can be purchased for less than $2 in the city markets.
There are cheap laundry services and even dry cleaning available at most hotels.