Planning to travel to Uganda and you are wildlife enthusiast include game drive for sightings of the big cats as one of the most anticipated take away. However, the increasing population densities and lifestyles around national parks and protected areas have continued to exert a lot of pressure on wild game, especially the big cats.

Visitors who yearn to get up close to wild African fauna, a safari trip is a rewarding adventure to see lions in the northern area such as Kasenyi plains. Normally on wildlife game drive in the northern area lions can be spotted, especially on the early morning game drives here. Tree climbing lions is one of the must do activities while in Uganda. Uganda is unique with its Gorillas, Chimpanzees, countless of Birds species and the Tree Climbing Lions are another one of the unique features that make Uganda the Pearl of Africa. Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park is the best place to see tree climbing lions in Africa.

Ishasha sector

The Ishasha sector is notably recognized for its resident Tree climbing lions that are an exceptional attraction and one among the highlights on all safaris taken within Queen Elizabeth National park. In the southern section of this park, the Lions are now and again spotted hanging on branches of huge fig trees whereas the Uganda Kob (which is the major food to these lions) grazes in the plains of the Ishasha sector.

The Ishasha sector is located near the fur most south-western rim of Queen Elizabeth National Park which is not only the most well liked park but also the most traveled to national park within Uganda. The landscape in this section of the magnificent park is considerably different from that found in other parts of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Ishasha Sector within Queen Elizabeth National Park is habitat to the internationally renowned tree-climbing lions which are actually unique to this very place. The males of these exceptional lions have black manes.

When looking for the big cats, study the body language of prey species such as giraffes and zebras. If they are all staring fixedly in one direction they might have spotted a lion in the grass; and if you see one lion, look again. There could be more around.

The Ishasha climbing lions are very scarce in the whole of Africa but on your safari combining Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, you will at least take one game drive alongside the Ishasha Plains, the lions can be found there in the fig trees and if lucky. Besides lions you will view countless of antelopes, herds of buffaloes, huge elephants and if lucky you can spot a leopard and many more wildlife.

At least once in a lifetime everyone has that precious right to encounter something special out of the world, that experience that will make them wish they could take it with them at home and make their families and friends feel the same way, such a great feeling that will always stay on their hearts.

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