Visit Uganda Primates National Parks

It was such a bright morning that we set off to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park from Kampala. This primate safari in Uganda was meant for the primates that reside in Bwindi as well as enjoying the endangered creatures in this park. Day one was a traveling day to the park but it was really a memorable journey, we got a stopover at the equator of Uganda as we were crossing Kayabwe. At this juncture, we were able to take amazing photo shots in all angels of our choice without any limitations making it an enjoyable journey.

What impressed me most was the Igongo cultural centre where we found all sorts of cultural items like neck less, bags, bitengi wears and many more. It was at this centre that we took our lunch with all traditional dishes. Back to our journey where we finally rested at Nkuringo Gorilla Camp. At this point in time, resting was the only solution to refresh for the very early morning primate tracking.

On day two, very early at 5am we are already up taking breakfast to go and meet the endangered girls and boys of Nkuringo family. By 6am sharp, we are in the Nkuringo family because we also wanted to sight the other primates like birds, monkeys, chimpanzee and elephants which disappear very early to look for what to eat. In this forest, fruits are abundant leaving no doubt for the feeding of the Nkuringo family. In this group, we found more nests satisfying where they take a rest be it night or day.

Kibale Forest National Park is the most known park for chimpanzee trekking, though others parks like Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Park offer them in some reserves like Kyambura gorge and Budongo forest respectively. This park is accessed from Kampala through Fort portal via Mubende. The trek starts at Kanyanchu the park headquarter, takes four hours covering a distance of 5km. chimps being the star attraction in this park, and they roam free and number in their hundreds. Apart from chimpanzee trekking at $ 150 USD per person, the park offers also the most interesting Chimpanzee habituation experience staying with the chimps for the full day understanding their lifestyle and this costing the $ 220 USD per person.

Unlike Gorillas which sit and mind their own business, the chimpanzees are unpredictable in their mannerisms and a little less approachable. Chimps seem not to be shy and timid, not only agile on their feet but it is also difficult to get close to them. Kibale is also a home for other primates and said to host the highest population of primates in the world hence making Kibale a must visit destination for primate trackers.

Primates such as the red colobus, monkeys, endemic manageable, different bird species, mammals like elephants,bufalloes, antelopes and giant forest hogs hence making this park a well endowered place to be to and explore. I wished to extend this day but it was only God with the powers and I had to follow his commands. It is only Nature Adventure Africa Safaris, Uganda that can offer you the opportunity of exploring the primates in these national parks.

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